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Sandra Dewi support Sumpah Pemuda  

foto sandra dewiAll people in Indonesia know that 28 oktober is known as "Hari Sumpah Pemuda", Our lovely Sandra Dewi also know about these very well.
Thats why at 28 oktober, Sandra Dewi and Sandra Dewi soulmate on Derings show Desta and Ringgo wear a traditional uniform from different region in Indonesia. Sandra Dewi was trying to tell us that Indonesia have a lot of tribes with different culture, but still unite :) here is Foto Sandra Dewi with Ringgo and Desta on Derings.


Sandra Dewi Lebaran  

In these Idul Fitri 1430H, our lovely Sandra Dewi also give us warm regards, she said "Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri yah, mohon maaf lahir dan bathin....." :)

in these event, sandra dewi family also cooked ketupat, opor ayam and sambel bawang, and sandra really loves to eat ketupat lebaran, hm.. do you know how to make ketupat, it is really difficult, need some practices to master the creation of ketupat :)

or if you know some resep ketupat, you can share it to me, by the way, once again, sandra dewi said to us, happy idul fitri, please forgive what i said and what i did :)


I Miss Sandra Dewi  

It's been long time i never post about Sandra Dewi, really busy with my job, i really hope that sandra dewi still give us her best shot, her best activity, these great actress really inspired me, great talent, great behaviour and many more :)
I just want to post Foto Sandra Dewi here, cute pose, i get from internet.


Sandra Dewi and Ada Band  

sandra dewi Sandra Dewi have collaborated with Doni Ada Band singer, to sing the national song called "Indonesia Pusaka" in an event held by the product of woman (24 / 6). They give us their collaboration in the framework of an awareness campaign that aims to make healthy communities and achieve the nation

There are Ada Band and Sandra Dewi is askined to support the event, these event is planned to be held in various locations using a vehicle which consists 3 car stars are given the name of bintang sehat and bintang iptek.

Go on sandra dewi, we will wait you in here :)


Sandra dewi is famous artist  

Wow, thats what i can say, my lovely beauty artist Sandra Dewi is getting more and more famous, i hope i can see and meet her :)
As we know, right now sandra dewi shown in some advertising spot on television, she is the star and icon for some product, like UC 1000, i think UC1000 has made the right choice to choosed sandra dewi as their icon, last time i saw that they used the winner from Miss Universe as their product, but now, hehehe.. our lovely sandra dewi is the star :)
Here is some of sandra dewi picture while becoming their product icon :)

sandra dewi segersandra dewi cantik

We Love you sandra dewi, keep healthy, keep beauty, keep smart :)


Sandra Dewi On Derings TransTV  

Derings Trans TV, Dear Sanders Do not forget to  see derings in transtv start date from 2 February 2009, what time...?? from 7:30 am to 9 am. let's make derings as your morning bells to wake up your spirit and get the useful information for you in the morning. In addition there are guest stars also have information on band music. so not just in the outdoor event, but also in the indoor, cool huh? 

We also have here the actor: 

1. Ringgo as a senior announcer 
2. Our Lovely Sandra Dewi as a the only woman announcer
3. Desta operator as the so obsessed announcer  
4. Baim as new boss's nephew from United States 
5. Tika as a reporter internships 
6. Wiwid as producers 
7. Oding as owner of the radio 
8. Adul as office boy radio 

So. watch me Sandra dewi, every day in transtv.See you there sanders


Sandra Dewi Imlek  

sandra dewi imlekChinese New Year 2560 also called Imlek is came, is is time for our lovely  Sandra Dewi to set up a variety of unique accessories for the Imlek celebration. Lampion tree lights and also prepared food, I think Sandra Dewi also cooked for sanders :). Sandra Dewi decorate the tree with orange pin, symbol of sustenance. Because she already work this year , the Tarzan ke kota movie stars declared not accept angpau, but she gave Angpau to the parents.

 According to Thurs Putri Wong Kam Fu, Feng Shui expert, and overcast clouds will hold Sandra dewi career. He says Sandra career coincided with shio buffalo . "In the year 2009 is Sandra Dewi should not be emotional," said Wong Kang Fu. She also told Sandra to focuses on her career rather than looking for a mate first, wah sandra dewi ga boleh cari pacar donk :(

When Imlek time comes, Rumours said that Sandra bath with seven flower shapes and lemon in the middle of the night. Trusted it to clean them from things that are able dissociate fortune. Really so? Sandra dewi said that those myth are not true. "Water lemon to enhance my body"


Sandra Dewi About Tren Fashion Tahun 2009  

Year 2009, what is Sandra Dewi think about her fashion on 2009, well our lovely star sandra dewi that is also shown on Mulan Jameela Wonder Woman video clip didnt agree with the hair styler Gusnadi.

Even though gusnadi said that 2009 will be dominated with colourfull hair style, Sandra Dewi will still keep her long black hair, she said that long black hair is suited with her personality.

Hm, i think sandra dewi long black hair also make sandra dewi look so feminine and much pretty, so let me suggest you sandra dewi, keep your long black hair as your Tren Fashion on these 2009 :)