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November with Sandra Dewi  

November made me a very busy month, this month my daddy and the youngest Raymond Gunawan birthday . my mom birthday date is July 6, I 8 August, Tika daddy October 20 and November 8, and Raymond November 11.

This November, I will shoot the mini-series with Clear Hair Model 2010 till the end of November. This is an incredible project. And this is very heavy. Scene us all a lot and many locations also continued taking pictures will also be very unusual, because the director is Rudi Soedjarwo. Mas Rudi who is a genius in terms mendirect, we've been reading and she guided us with patience and very good. Whereas the previous rumor I heard, he was very fierce yah hahahaha. Apparently ga tuh. Mas Rudi also has a birthday on November 9, yesterday.

This month the beginning till the end filled with activity olej magazine photos, mini-series prepro Clear to posters, reading, and all of them. This will be a great project. I'll see you early morning shooting ni. And would travel for hours because there is a very remote location. And I'm still going to shoot derings I loved very much. This is my life. When I was dealing with work 24 hours nonstop and do not expect to sleep well, I feel this is my life. It's me, my life, and this is Sandra Dewi. I'm a glutton for work, work and contribute to the entertainment world while I still could.

Oh well, I want the story ni .... In recent days, we the people of Indonesia are very amazed impressed with Barack Obama ... Attitudenya, friendliness, his smile and how he really appreciates Indonesia. Therefore he was very loved by the people of Indonesia. I'm happy bgt liat aja President on this one .. hihihihi Hopefully there will be people from our government that could be like Barack Obama and could make Indonesia a lot better.

Oh yah yah Happy Memorial Day, let's be a hero for yourself, others and our country to work, learn and do something that could be useful for all parties. That hero of the nation today.

We pray for all natural disasters over soon, so all our brothers no longer a victim. Amen

sd greetings


Buka Puasa Bersama Sandra Dewi Lovers  

To celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, Sanders Jakarta organized Buka Puasa bersama Sandra Dewi Lovers. The objectives of breaking fast together is to enhance solidarity and mutual respect and the tighten silahturahmi of religions in the fan club of Sandra Dewi Lovers. Will be held on:

Day / Date: Sunday, August 29, 2010
Venue: Indofutsal Palmerah, West Jakarta
Hours: 17:00 am - completion
Cost: USD 20 000, -/person

The deadline for registration and payment.

Friday, August 27, 2010 (till 21:00 pm)

ps: how to register

full name:
user name:

Registration of money transfer can be through:
BCA account in the name of Adhistana no.rek 1941035103
Confirmation of payment can be contacted (SMS)

from :


Sandra Dewi support Sumpah Pemuda  

foto sandra dewiAll people in Indonesia know that 28 oktober is known as "Hari Sumpah Pemuda", Our lovely Sandra Dewi also know about these very well.
Thats why at 28 oktober, Sandra Dewi and Sandra Dewi soulmate on Derings show Desta and Ringgo wear a traditional uniform from different region in Indonesia. Sandra Dewi was trying to tell us that Indonesia have a lot of tribes with different culture, but still unite :) here is Foto Sandra Dewi with Ringgo and Desta on Derings.


Sandra Dewi Lebaran  

In these Idul Fitri 1430H, our lovely Sandra Dewi also give us warm regards, she said "Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri yah, mohon maaf lahir dan bathin....." :)

in these event, sandra dewi family also cooked ketupat, opor ayam and sambel bawang, and sandra really loves to eat ketupat lebaran, hm.. do you know how to make ketupat, it is really difficult, need some practices to master the creation of ketupat :)

or if you know some resep ketupat, you can share it to me, by the way, once again, sandra dewi said to us, happy idul fitri, please forgive what i said and what i did :)