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Sandra Dewi On Maia Music Video EGP  

Together with Luna Maya, Sandra Dewi, Indi Barens, Virnie Ismail, Olga Syahputra, and Indra Bekti, Sandra Dewi act into the Music Video from Maia and Friends, the titled is "Emang Gue Pikirin".

Our hot Sandra Dewi said even tough she just appeared on Mulan Jameela Music Video, she try to be proffesional, she decided to appeared on Maia Music Video becaused her Friend Luna Maya also asked her to participated, and Sandra dewi also explained that after participated to these video, she learned to be though to face another gossip, because her last gossip about Foto Bugil Sandra Dewi make her so depressed.


Foto Bugil Sandra Dewi - Done  

foto bugil sandra dewiSandra Dewi finally make a pers conference, to make a clarification about her last gossip, foto bugil sandra dewi.
This Pers conference held on 17th Marh 2008, at Eurokafe, Belezza. beautifully actress sandra dewi need many times to said that the Foto Bugil Sandra Dewi was not real, just made by crazy people, thats why Sandra Dewi make a pers conference to clarify these scandal, Telematika Expert Roy Suryo also come and join to clarify these scandal.
At these pers conference also shown the real face from the Foto bugil Sandra Dewi, and then Roy Suryo said the important thing is these Foto bugil Sandra Dewi is not real.

to get the complete pers conference report you can download e-book here :
Sandra Dewi Pers Conference

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Sandra Dewi dengan Om - Gossip  

After make a clarification about her last foto bugil gossip, now another web make a hot gossip about our hot actress sandra dewi, they write another story of gossip :) sandra dewi dengan om om

Hope every bad gossip about my sexy Sandra Dewi was not true :)


Foto Bugil Sandra Dewi Not Real  

Our Lovely artist Sandra Dewi make easy about her foto bugil on the internet. she was really surprise when saw the photo. "I Shock. But I'm sure thats not me" said the actress of the Quickie Express movie.
SandraDewi feel so release when the multimedia expert Roy Suryo make sure that foto bugil sandra dewi not real, And then SandraDewi said "I apologize the person who made that picture, i hope god also forgive him"


FHM Sandra Dewi | Hot Sandra Dewi FHM  

Here is the latest sandra dewi photo on fhm magazine, very cool and sexy photo on a february issue of FHM magazine. you can get a big size sandra dewi fhm photo by open next 5 pose photo links.

sandra dewi fhm photo 1 | sandra dewi fhm photo 2 | sandra dewi fhm photo 3 | sandra dewi fhm photo 4 | sandra dewi fhm photo 5

lets hope sandra dewi make another cool photo :)


Cinta Indah  

sandradewi INDAH. A Soap opera played on SCTV, story about girl name Indah that having a difficult way of life, came from village, go to the city to gain some money to help her family, until found a place to work as a nanny, here the stories begin, it is all about love.
Hm, beautifull love from sandradewi.
Played on Monday-Friday, 21.00-22.00


Healty Recipe from Sandra Dewi  

Sandra Dewi is Beautifull

we all agree sandra dewi is a beautifull actress, even tough she use most of her time for work, sometimes sandra dewi also have alittle time to get rest, but she always care about her health.

to keep her beautiness, sandra dewi use a traditional healthy recipe that came from her grand grand mother, she always get used to drink a traditional drink that came from the essence of chicken, some roots and some seeds, she also drink much of water, honey, vitamin and suplement.

Usually sandra dewi drink it twice a day, and she also take a bath using ginger water to make her skin light and smooth, thanks to her mom that care sandra so much :)


SandraDewi Photo Collection  

Here is the Sandra Dewi Photo Pack Collection, for now we got 18 photos, collect it :) will be add soon :)

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Foto Sandra Dewi | Wonder Woman  

Look at these picture, our beautifull actress sandra dewi that give us great photo in FHM Magazine look very like a wonder woman, i think the photographer should take more lower to get a better photo:) so we can see another pose just like sandra dewi fhm series.